Lloyds Bank release iPhone recruiting App

Posted on January 14, 2011 by


Before another word is said I must say “WELL DONE” to the team at Lloyds Bank. They are the first Bank to engage with candidates using a mobile recruiting app and the 3rd corporate in the UK.

So what does the app do?

Potential candidates that download the app are met with a menu offering Programmes, Events, News, Hints & Tips, Number Shaker Game and Register. There is a lot of content behind these menu buttons.

Programmes share details for the main graduate programmes, each with a video, a description and an apply / register screen. This content is well formatted and fitting for a bank. The register is a disappointment, the user is taken to website to fill in details, the web page is not very mobile friendly. This could have been made more user friendly, specially as it is the conversion call to action.

The Events provides details on up coming graduate events, each with a short description and date. I would like to see a future feature where the app could remind the user of an upcoming event similar to a calendar alarm.

The News section empty with no data when I wrote this.

The Number Shaker Game is very suitable for the banking sector and well done. It livens up an app which otherwise is very conservative in design.

Overall a good version one. I would like to see push notification used to increase awareness and engagement. There seemed to be no information about what it would be like working for Lloyds, I feel a another level of engagement could be reached for in future versions. If I was part of this project my top priority would be to improve the register experience. I could not find the app on Android, but Lloyds should aim for Android which is very popular in the student sector.