New website is all set to revolutionise recruitment

Posted on January 27, 2014 by


Enter stage right Mi-Candidate, the exceptionally clever pre-screening testing site that’s set to make hiring people easier – and a lot cheaper

logoIf a candidate applies for a role at your company, how long is it before you can tell if they’re suitable for the job or not? That process has just become a whole lot faster thanks to brand new pre-screening testing website Mi-Candidate, the only tool available which offers fully automated testing of candidates who apply directly via websites or portals.

Built by market-leading web and app specialists, Mi-Candidate is effectively a one-stop shop to test the capabilities of applicants who apply for new jobs. The website currently holds about 20,000 questions to suit a wide variety of sectors, covering both technical and functional questions, and allows internal HR managers to screen applicants without having to have expertise in the subject matter they are recruiting for.

The site offers a major financial benefit to companies by reducing the need to pay expensive recruitment fees. Questions can be individually tailored to any role or situation, meaning companies can use Mi-Candidate to test applicants looking to move up the ladder within their own organisations. In addition to that, this is currently the only recruitment tool that is able to assess anyone from junior to senior candidates on a single test thanks to an inbuilt algorithmic option. There is also the option to add bespoke questions within the application at a moment’s notice.

When the Mi-Candidate team was looking to put this technology into a fully functioning application, they chose a specialist recruitment technology service provider: As the UK’s leading recruitment technology specialists in bespoke websites, apps and mobile solutions, have an impressive list of blue chip clients including PepsiCo, Nestle, Sodexo, Johnson & Johnson, CACI and Intel.

Parminder Chawla, Director of Mi-Candidate, comments:

“After working in the Industry for over 15 years, we realised there was one basic element missing from most recruitment processes; testing the candidate. This, coupled with the growing trend of online and in-house recruitment, meant that a simple to use but highly effective testing tool was needed. After major research, we realised that whilst a few offered some technical testing capabilities, no one was testing functional or business knowledge. The idea of Mi-Candidate was born and we embarked on creating the most powerful employment pre-screening testing tool in the world. The application allows someone with no experience in the field to create a bespoke question set within 30 seconds, both technical and functional, that can be sent to individual applicants or hundreds with online applications. This, in turn, saves the client huge recruitment fees and benchmarks all applicants, both internally and externally.”

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