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All of HR needs to be mobile-friendly

July 19, 2010


Before I left for vacation, I wrote a diagram illustrating what parts of HR I think can benefit most from the mobile and social media. I know mobile is growing at the speed of light but I was a little surprised to come to the conclusion that ALL of HR can benefit and will eventually […]

Why HR & Marketing is connected forever

July 16, 2010


Conversations regarding ‘what is marketing’ is never a dull one. Each company and individual add a layer of individuality that means that marketing can be as varied as brand management or investor relations, depending on who you ask. So the connection between HR and marketing is nothing new – for some. But it is shocking […]

How social media is changing Human Resources

July 13, 2010


The human resource department is responsible for: Recruitment, selection and onboarding Employer branding Organizational design and development Change management Performance and behavior management Employee relations Workforce management Compensation, rewards and benefits management Training and development To summarize, human resources’ role is to manage external and internal talent. This is one of the few departments that […]