Google Mobile SEO penalties on the way.

Posted on June 20, 2013 by


Put your brand in front of mobile job seekers

Time to get your act together.

If you are not delivering SEO best practices in mobile you could soon witness major decreases in traffic to your Websites from smartphones resulting from the changes Google is making to ranking mobile search results.

Google has decided to take a stronger stance on mobile SEO, stating last week that it will actually begin demoting sites in mobile search results if they are not mobile friendly. This means that if you are not following good old Google’s guidelines, you could see your mobile search rankings drop.
The move may prove to be good for Google if key brands follow Google’s guidelines for mobile development and optimisation allowing users to find good quality sites in search results.

Mobile users will eventually drive the quality aspirations and will shift loyalty very quickly if they are unduly impacted by not seeing relevant content because it does not meet the guidelines.

Hopefully this will finally push web masters to adopt mobile best practices. Well there is always hope!