Top Bananas celebrate PepsiCo and Sodexo’s top slots in mobile recruitment poll

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Smartphones and tablets take centre stage

As the new breed of mobile smartphones and tablets takes centre stage in a rapidly rising market, applying for a job on the move or in a bar is becoming a reality, all that is required now, is the need for the employers / recruiters to get fully on board with the clear and irrefutable opportunity to fully develop and launch their mobile talent acquisition servicesSodexoipad2.

There is a rapidly expanding and developing market of job seekers using their smartphone and tablet devices to look for interesting career opportunities, employers it would seem, however, are still way behind the curve when it comes to their mobile recruitment strategy, according to a recent study published by Potentialpark.

Potentialpark recently surveyed over 25,000 job seekers worldwide and analysed the mobile career services of circa 700 top employers across the U.S.A, Europe and Asia.

The studies findings showed that 26% of job seekers use their mobile devices for career-related purposes (and another 59% were hot potentials, saying they could imagine doing so) However only 13% of the 700 top employers reviewed had a mobile version of their career website.

Cris Bradshaw, Sales Director at said, “ We are really very pleased with the recent results of the Potentialpark research, especially as two of our clients appear in the top 5 results. We are also delighted to report that we are currently busy working with large business’s / corporations who are now building their Talent acquisition strategies to fully embrace mobile solutions