The Bricks RUBY Anniversary

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40 years on revolutionary road and we are still picking up speed…

I guess it seems somewhat ironic that Google now owns Motorola the very company that launched the first mobile phone. Now Google (The Internet Search Giant) has developed the dominant software platform (Android) that is the key operating system on most non Apple smartphones today.


Back in time (40 Years ago) on April 3rd, 1973, Motorola engineer Martin Cooper made his, historic, first mobile call from Manhattan on a Motorola DynaTAC  The early production models were about nine inches tall, and amazingly by today’s standards, had a 10-hour recharge cycle, weighed over one kilo and talk time was circa 20 minutes before the battery ran out, or your arm fell off!  Today as the journey continues; smart phones such as Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy series are generally used to play games, take photos, play music, send emails, download maps, watch videos, send video clips, watch catch up TV, look for jobs, buy and sell on eBay, make calls and send texts and much more. As Apple’s catch phrase says ‘There’s an app for that”                     

It is evident that the joining together of Internet and mobile has created a massive winning combination that will inevitably drive rapid digital innovation across the divide, and new technologies make the mobile devices both, easy to use and useful to all of us.

Cris Bradshaw Sales Director from said ‘ There has been a rapid growth in job candidates seeking jobs via mobile. Current evidence points to a mass migration from desktop computers to mobile devices. We are now seeing around 40% of our user base, job seeking via their mobile devices, and their expectations of standards of service is demanding, so below par services or apps won’t survive very long.”