In the year 2013 the Mobile revolution continues unabated

Posted on February 8, 2013 by


So according to Gartner this is the year mobile phones are set to overtake PCs as the web access device worldwide and the number of smartphones will exceed 1.82 billion worldwide. Also according to Gartner Windows Phone 7 will overtake iOS by 2015. This, however, is something I just can’t get to grips with. Maybe I need a road to Damascus experience right now but from where I stand this looks a lot like a “Bridge too far” and it gives Apple little credibility on its strategic creativity going forward. The Late Steve Jobs once said the Market would catch up with the iPhone in 5 Years and he has been spot on. I guess the battle is just beginning. By 2016, according to Digital Trends, Windows Phone is expected to account for 11.4 percent of the mobile market. I think Garner and DT should get together and discuss.Microsoft and Nokia however, according to TheNextWeb are budgeting circa €18 million in mobile app development over the next three years. Good old sparing partners Apple and Samsung already make up circa 50% of the smartphone market. Source: CMSWire and according to Radicati, Worldwide business mobile devices are projected to grow from 889 million in 2012, to over 1.4 billion by 2016. On the back of all this growth according to Strongmail, 42.8% of marketing executives are projecting increases in their mobile marketing budgets in 2013

One thing, however, I do believe  that we are in for a mobile ‘battle royal’ which will, no doubt, be great for the Consumer and Marketers alike.