Challenging future but Mobile App Development Companies can be big winners

Posted on January 22, 2013 by


Mobile Recruiting

The 4G era looks like it has finally arrived, and over the past couple of years competition has really taken off in a big way. This has effectively accelerated the growth and development of smart mobile Web technology.

There is a general belief that this has created a major shift in mass consumer behavior as more and more consumers turn to their smart phone rather than their computer for day-to-day tasks and Internet search.

The clear market leaders Apple and Google are slogging it out and encouraging developer innovation.

The handset developers are lining up with bigger and faster devices, and the networks are getting very excited about making more money from the consumers as they price up their 4G offerings.

The consumer is experiencing a wealth of choice, faster browsing, innovative technology and a raft of paid for and free apps to satisfy their every indulgence.

The big game changers and winners in this market have to be the app developers, their innovation and speedy development cycle means consumers are never bored and the handset makers and the network operator’s are constantly challenged.