Mobile recruitment on the rise

Posted on November 1, 2012 by


According to recent research results from Google, more than 20% of all searches are now delivered via a mobile device. In the UK this equates to over 8 Million mobile searches a day.

With smartphone penetration in the UK already reaching a staggering 59% market share, some online recruitment sites are reporting over 40% of their search traffic is now coming via a mobile device.

With recent market research pointing out that 4 out of 5 smartphone users would use their phone to search for jobs it’s a pity that many recruiters and corporates have, to-date, been very slow to take up mobile as a key part of their market mix.

Recruitment Industry leaders like Chris Hoyt at PepsiCo have been investing in their mobile strategy and, on the face of it, are making very good headway. Hoyt recently reported significant rise in applications and hires directly via his mobile recruiting products.

Other smaller recruiters are using mobile as a highly targeted service delivering and attracting a growing number of mobile smart phone users who expect to be able to do their job searching and complete job applications via their mobile devices. If, however, the experience is poor, such as ‘non mobile friendly’, current evidence points that they will choose another companies services.

The mobile recruitment industry is on a rapid growth spurt and smart phone growth such as Apples iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy 3s is at the forefront, fuelling this significant revolution. If that was not enough, there is so much more to come with the arrival of 4G mobile services and the absolute plethora of new smart phone and tablet releases imminent.