Jobseekers go Bananas for Mobile

Posted on August 8, 2012 by

1 launched in April 2007 and has grown to become one of the UK’s leading job aggregation sites. Today they share how they have changed their business model to ensure they are firmly on the same journey as their consumers, who are rapidly adopting their new smart phones as they experience all the interactive new services this relatively new technology offers.
Cris Bradshaw, Commercial Director at said “We started the business to deliver a UK wide, web only, job aggregation site but when the new iPhone was launched we recognised the enormous potential of this revolutionary new product and wanted to be part of it. Today many key businesses are starting to recognise the real potential that mobile services can deliver to their business”.
During the past 12 months (ATTB) have witnessed a significant jump in the overall amount of mobile traffic accessing their site, in fact in the month of July, according to Google Analytics, over 30% of all ATTBjob-searching traffic came from a mobile device!
When compared to their 2010 traffic results only 2.8% came from a mobile device and in 2011 this had grown to just under 9% was from a mobile device.
ATTB built their first iPhone app for in 2008, their first Android app in 2010, followed by a mobile HTML site in 2011 and a Win7 mobile app in 2012.
Current stats clearly show ATTB customers are changing their browsing requirements and at 30% of their traffic now coming from mobile devices they view this as highly significant.
ATTB have built specialist apps for corporate customers, recruitment agencies and job boards and in the interim timescale from 2008 to now wanted to see if their clients were experiencing similar mobile trends to their own.
Over the past three months ATTB have been working with CV-Library and tracking their mobile apps activity on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, which over the past 3 months have recorded over 35,000 job applications, this does not include applications from their Mobile HTML site, this is purely job applications from iPhone iPad and Android apps.
On average there have been just over 5,000 CV-Library mobile app downloads per month across all three platforms.
During the last three months CV-Library has also received over 1.3 million visits from mobile devices equating to 17% of their total web traffic.
Lee Biggins, Managing Director of CV-Library said: “We were initially sceptical about ‘going mobile’ due to concerns about usability and application rates. However, following a huge shift in technology we now have a dedicated mobile team. They thoroughly tried and tested the mobile solutions to ensure the platforms offered candidates a seamless service. Our app was actually the first one to offer candidates a job application function meaning they can apply to jobs ‘on the go’.
“CV-Library’s mobile traffic is increasing month by month and thanks to the support offered by ATTB during our transition it has definitely been the right move for us.”
Many more ATTB clients are apparently experiencing similar trends. Predictions about mobile growth seem to have come to fruition. How long before mobile becomes the first choice for jobseekers is the next big question and on current trends it looks like the answer is very soon!
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