Trends hitting the headlines in Social and Mobile this week.

Posted on December 2, 2011 by


Mobile Recruiting

Over 1 million listings a week made on eBay via mobile

Sellers on the eBay marketplace are using mobile more than ever, as new figures show the number of sellers uploading product details to make sales on the site via mobile.

eBay are reporting that over 1 million listings are made through mobile per week, showing an increasing trend in mobile activity and e-commerce.

This follows a successful sales period for eBay during Thanksgiving, as mobile sales more than doubled when compared with the previous year. PayPal added to this mobile success story by announcing that it had seen a 511% increase in Global mobile payment volumes, compared with Thanksgiving 2010.

Could Social Media help kill office email?

The CEO of technology company Atos announced today (2/12/11) that he plans to implement a complete email ban which will affect 74,000 member of staff across 42 countries, within the next year and a half.

Thierry Breton, the chief exec at Atos stated that only 20 emails in every 200 emails received by staff members are deemed important. The time wasted by wading through pointless e-mails could be decreasing productivity, morale and staff concentration. Breton believes that: “The email is no longer the appropriate tool. It is time to think differently”

“Emails cannot replace the spoken word.

Breton suggests that real-time chat programs could be the way forward, alongside visiting people face to face, whilst also saying he would prefer a text message to an email.

As real-time chat programmes increase in popularity, due to the immediacy of social media sites such as Twitter and the availability of real-time chat on Facebook, could offices approach communication differently, and more importantly, should they?