Apps Matter Most, say Ericsson

Posted on May 16, 2011 by


At last, a great report on how Mobile Internet is changing our behaviour, from Ericsson. The comparison of our connected lives prior to smartphone and now is quite dramatic. Reading the full report, it is no surprise that the game changer is apps. The view from Ericsson’s research is the device does not matter but the apps do. The focus on apps is the reasoning behind the huge increase in users consuming mobile Internet media.

The report reveals that more than one third of smartphone owners open an app on their phone before they have got out of bed! The breakfast table, lunch time, sofa and bed have all been invaded by the smartphone and the apps. The motivation behind people downloading apps is key, it personalises their phone, it is fun. This is key, our smartphone with apps reflects us as individuals and what is happening in our life. This kind of behaviour is unlikely to change rapidly, the introduction of high level HTML 5 webpages is not going to replace this, instead it will compliment. The appStores and MarketPlaces have created habit and a first point of reference for many millions of users.

The report finishes by reviewing which devices have given up market share for this smartphone boost, looking at this, shows no big looser, although MP3 players look like they have a limited lifespan. This shows our media mix in a typical day has changed – Internet has taken over, I would like to see research that compared Mobile Internet to newspapers, magazines, radio, tv etc.

The bottom line message from this report is the number of Tablets and Smartphone users are growing and the Apps matter most. So if your intending to keep your online employer brand presence visible you better shape up your mobile recruiting strategy.