And Android takes the lead in the US race

Posted on May 9, 2011 by


The US Smartphone Grand Prix is getting exciting. At the previous corner Android slipped by Apple taking 2nd position (Dec 2010). Coming out this corner with speed Android has powered past BlackBerry to take first place (Mar 2011). Android is through the chicane taking a strong lead leaving the Apple in third battling with BlackBerry for second place. Can Apple power into second with the turbo boost aka iPhone 5?

For many it is not quite as exciting as a motor race, but the fact is Android is leading by quite a margin. According to ComScore figures Android has a clear 7.6% lead in share of US smartphone subscribers over second place BlackBerry. Blackberry has a slim 1.6% lead on Apple.

Now things may change later this year with iPhone 5 being released, but Android are not sitting back cruising they pushing forwards too, and BlackBerry announced new Bold handsets with BBOS7 and faster processors. The winner is not yet clear and the race will carry on. The bottom line is the consumer will benefit as the Smartphone market continues to invest in innovation and product.

For Mobile Recruiting this intense market share battle further highlights what a key source of candidates the smartphone already is and how huge it will be. The ComScore data also details what mobiles are being used for, with web browsing being 36%, Social Networking being 24% and using downloaded apps at 34%. This data should help you plan your mobile recruiting strategy.

You should have a mSite, which if landed on by users where you have a native app promotes your app downloads. You should be targeting Android, iPhone and Blackberry apps, probably in that order. Your Social Recruiting content should include links to your mSite, given that over 50% of social links are following on Mobile. This will capture all angles, deliver a rapidly growing network of Active Talent and engage with your candidate. Considering the investment required, you will see ROI quickly.