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It is interesting for me to review a mobile recruiting app. I am one of ‘those’ early adoptors of technology for sure, and I like to think I stay reasonably ahead of the curve in terms of innovation, but when it comes to companies using mobile apps for recruitment I have always been a little sceptical.
So when asked me to review their latest app they have created for Nestle Careers– I was keen to explore and find out what the user experience really was like.

[Note: I was using an Android version, and I tested it on an Android phone and 10″  Android tablet.]

When you open the app, you are presented with clean screen with very clear options, focused around searching for a job – refreshing as this is the aim of such an app isn’t it? <other apps I have seen please take note here!>

The first route to finding a job is the Job Search button, and a click on this reveals two options – job function and location – which when open up show one click radio style buttons. Nice, simple and very easy to find a job (if there are any in the combination you choose).

After a couple of random searches that revealed no jobs available, I began to wonder if there were any actual jobs! So I clicked on the map to see if Nestle were recruiting. As you can see they are – each job represented by a little Android man! Bingo – that’s more like it! [Ed- Andy tested prior to go live, hence little data]
Touching the little Android man reveals all the jobs in the particular location, then a further click on the job you like reveals details of the role. Excellent so far – looks informative – no boring, traditional spec here……… then the downside. I couldn’t apply for the job on the app – gggrrrrr! >> it was going so well!
At the bottom of each job (of which some had already expired), there is two options – email the job and save the job to your ‘list’.
Question: why do I want to email it – I want to apply for it? Doh!! [Ed- oh if only the ATS and application process allowed for this!]

At the bottom of the screen there are different options – information on the different Nestle brands, employee video’s (these render very well), Twitter account and information on Nestle.

So, as I couldn’t apply for the job, I thought I would ‘tweet’ the team at Nestle to ask how I could apply and see how long it took for them to reply. This was the next slight disappointment here (this may just be a technical requirement of an app connecting to Twitter) – the app required me to connect my Twitter account to the app – why? It didn’t appear to be a direct message (DM), so I don’t understand that. [Ed- nice idea DM as well as public reply]

So overall, while a very nicely presented and easy to use app, it left me wanting in the one thing I wanted to use it for – applying for a job!

It got me interested in Nestle, shared some excellent information with me (text and video), showed me where all the jobs are and even allowed me to engage with the Nestle recruitment team.
But when it came down to the crunch – I couldn’t do the thing I wanted – apply for one of the jobs that the app did so well to interest me in.

Nice app by, that worked really well on my phone and my Android tablet, and told me alot about Nestle, and showed me that recruitment apps can really work well.

But should I now have to go back to my computer, go to the career site and apply for the job that way? Of course not.
Mobile apps need to be just that – they allow you to go through the whole recruitment process on your mobile device – in my opinion of course!

[Ed- A big thank you for a great contribution from Andy, we owe you a beer!

I have listened to many HR experts feel they dont want apply off mobile, that making it even easier to apply is not actually what the industry needs. Instead they want to reduce the effort of search, select and alert, which if you talk to any job seeker is the time consuming part.

However I agree with Andy, as Mobile Internet grows and surpasses the desktop world, the application process is going to have to adopt to support that mass market of job seekers. Mobile Internet usage will be bigger than desktop by 2014! In the UK Jobsite have publicly forecast that in 12 Months 25% of their traffic will be from Mobile devices! So get moving!

However experience shows a very high percentage of jobseekers follow the currently emailed job from the mobile app and apply. Whilst we are at the early stages and not yet at the mobile holy grail the solutions do drive interested and active talent.]