PepsiCo US Possibilities iPhone app reviewed by Matt Alder

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The whole concept of mobile recruiting has been on my mind a lot lately so I was really pleased to get the opportunity to review the PepsiCo US Possibilities mobile app especially, as its launch has been much anticipated by the digital recruitment community.

The US Possibilities app is currently available in iPhone, iPad and Android versions (this review is based on the iPhone version) and although only available in the US at the moment there are plans to roll out localized versions to key Pepsico territories.  To make sure I’m being balanced I’ve split my review into things that I like about the app and things that I would hope Pepsico are already looking to address in future versions.

Things I like

First and foremost the apps looks great and that’s important. It’s good to see that PepsiCo are focusing on all aspects of their employment brand including the visual elements. There is also some nice content on there, I’m always pleased to see employers making use of video and PepsiCo deliver varied video content which works well when viewed on an iPhone.

The Twitter integration is nice, if not a bit basic, and the job search is simple and very easy to use. There is also the promise of a talent community to come and I think this is something that would work very well on a mobile platform. From my perspective it is important that iPhone apps utilize the features of the device itself and the “Sticky Bits” and location based job search integration does start to show how PepsiCo might do this more in the future

Areas for future development

Understandably the app has a very generic feel in terms of its content. While it is probably impossible to be all things to all people, companies like PepsiCo have a vast variety of roles and I think it is important to consider that the needs and interests of their users will be overly wide ranging for a one size fits all approach. Also when you look beyond the video, the text based content that should be really selling them as an employer is very flat and dull visually.

Perhaps my biggest issue though is something that I know is not PepsiCo’s fault. Currently there is no way to apply or even interact via your phone if you are interested in a particular role. Talent Community functionality may go some way to address this but ultimately I’m taking a guess that the fault here lies with the ATS industry and their seeming aversion to all things mobile. As more companies go down the same mobile route as PepsiCo, ATS providers are really going to have to up their game as an industry if they actually want to stay in the game at all!


Overall I am very impressed with this as a first version, especially considering the technical challenges building app like this presents. I’m sure there will also be something even better to come once PepsiCo have seen how users are actually interacting with the app. Mobile employment apps from companies have previously been very flat and focused solely on broadcasting vacancies. It’s good to see PepsiCo putting a line in the sand and starting to explore the huge potential mobile offers for growing an employment brand and enhancing employer reputation

Matt Alder

(Ed- A big thank you to Matt for reviewing this exciting app which demonstrates a significant move forwards in the Mobile Recruiting Space. For more information on PepsiCo’s app see AppStore. The iPhone, iPad and Android PepsiCo Apps was supplied by )