Stop turning your back on talent

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Mobile Recruiting

In todays mobile phone market we see sales of smartphones and feature phones at level pegging. This puts millions of Internet ready smartphones in the hands of the working population. The smartphone user is always connected to the Internet, Facebook and Twitter have maximized this leading to incredible growth of social networking . 40% of all Tweets are sent from a mobile and Facebook as 200m active mobile users but online recruitment is behind the curve.

Mobile is the perfect medium for jobseekers to carry out the time consuming task of search and select. The device is personal and confidential, unlike a PC screen in the middle of the office, it is always on providing alerts of new vacancies and it can be used in previously dead time such as the commute. The battle for Talent on mobile has not yet started as too fewer companies has realised the opportunity. We recently saw PepsiCo launch their Possibilities US app across iPhone, iPad and Android, this is the first of many companies to lead the way. When the eventual gold rush for talent via mobile starts these early adopters will be at the top in exactly the same way as those first to engage with the journey of social media are now enjoying the biggest benefits.

So what should a Mobile Recruiting strategy look like?

It should be aligned with your current on-line, social and off-line recruitment strategy! If, like many, your focus is around employer brand then a mobile app that encapsulates your activity on Twitter, blogs, video, career information, company activities and job vacancies would be best suited. Your app should show employer brand / information as the primary content and job vacancies as secondary content.

With your mobile app live promotion should be always on just the like the mobile Internet. Every job advert should educate your jobseeker that they can download your app, this should be print and online adverts. Your careers website should clearly direct users to your mobile offering. If a user visits your careers website on a mobile they should be actively informed of your mobile solutions.

Mobile allows you to engage with the candidate faster. Using technology known as push notifications (alerts like SMS) you can build an Active Talent Network made up of jobseekers with your app. This network can then be automatically mined and targeted when every new vacancy is uploaded to your mobile platform. As your network grows this will drive your cost of acquisition down.

The message to take away from this article is

“STOP turning your back on talent – let your future rockstar employees find you using their smartphone”

Act now – start researching mobile Internet and plan a mobile recruiting solution. Start here, is the biggest source for Mobile Recruiting
If you still need more go and Google “Mobile Recruiting

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