Barclays iPhone Graduate Recruitment App

Posted on February 9, 2011 by


Working with the agency Thirty Three, who released the LV recruitment app, Barclays now offer an iPhone app aimed at graduates to learn about their company.  So why did they do it and how is it going?

Chatting with Ben Nunn, Head of Digital at Thirty Three he shared the objectives, the thinking and the success so far.

What was the objective?

“The purpose of the Barclays ‘See more. Be more.’ iPhone app is to offer an insight into Barclays as a business, a graduate employer and to provide exclusive employability skills on a platform that is both familar to students and that positions Barclays as an innovator in the market”

What is the main functionality?

“The ‘See more’ side integrates seven private twitter accounts with a direct feed to the iPhone app. This allows students to discover what each graduate on one of the Barclays programmes is up to by viewing their daily / weekly tweets. Each graduate contributing to the micro blog has a video loaded with their profile so students get a genuine introduction to that person and the programme they are on.”

“The ‘Be more’ side of the app provides 7 employability presentations that use the iPhone’s flick functionality to navigate through each presentation. The presentations are exclusive to the iPhone app and offer a theoretical edge for all those who have read them”

So how has it gone – does it work?

“The number of downloads of the app has remained consistently high throughout the period that the App has been available to download.  The traffic figure shows an idicative conversion rate of 70.1%, which is really impressive.”

It was a pleasure chatting with Ben and I am very pleased to see yet another Blue Chip company moving forwards into the mobile space.

So what do I think of the app? Living in mobile and social as I do, I can always come up with new ideas and features. I like the clean simplicity of the app, it worked very well and suffered no errors or strange behaviour, unlike the Lloyds Bank app, which still 3 weeks after I reviewed it fails to deliver any News!

I really like the concept of the app being a window into the graduate program letting candidates see real world experiences. I would prefer that the tweets and micro blogs were public in Twitter, it seems a shame to cultivate such content and only let app users see it.

After enjoying the current success I am sure Barclays will innovate further taking the  app on a  journey. Some of the graduates update daily, other once a week. The next stop should include push notifications to draw users back into the app when content they are interested in has been updated. I feel to increase interaction it would be great for graduates to be able to provide feedback. This could be questions but I can see a concern of managing the replies. At least some form of comment or vote system would be nice.

The iPhone only presentations are very well done, again shame only available on the app excluding all other digital channels! How about adding some sound perhaps a narrative to add value?

As Barclays opportunities will be national, perhaps some local content using the phones location services would be really helpful future feature. Personally I really like vacancies plotted on a map! However this may not be feasible for the Barclays graduate programme?

Finally where is the Android app? 12 months ago, maybe even 6 months ago targeting iPhone alone was great, but today Android is huge and growing very rapidly. Nielsen research in the US suggest 32% of 18 to 24 year olds desire Android as their upgrade compared to 36% for iPhone. So if only one platform was being targeted, currently iPhone is bang on. But Android should follow – quickly.

Overall a great start, well done to Barclays and Ben and everyone at Thirty Three. But we must not stop now, we must continue to engage the ever growing mobile platform.