Android has more US subscribers than iPhone

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When I mentioned the latest comScore report to a number of UK bods their immediate response was – REALLY? Are you sure? The answer of course is YES – Android is rapidly growing in sales and has according to comScore reached a point where it has more subscribers than iPhone (in the US).  I doubt the UK and Europe market is much different. The surprise is driven by the range of Android phones – HTC, Samsung, Motorola and Sony. Instead of instantly recognising the clone like Apple device Android is subtlety taking over. In the rest of Europe and the US where the handset costs are significantly higher price point will be a big factor, for example in Denmark a reasonable HTC is c £150 while an iPhone is c£500.

The Android mobile platform grew between Sep 10 and Dec 10 by 7.3%, while Apple iOS increased market share by 0.7%. Perhaps more interesting is RIM (Blackberry) which has the biggest market share but dropped by 5.7% along with Microsoft loosing 1.5%. This illustrates a clear patten that Apple is stable, Android is growing rapidly and taking the share off Blackberry, Microsoft and any others.

So why should you care about these figures?

As mobile internet access continues to grow faster than jacks magic beans grew into a giant plant, our on-line recruiting strategies needs to reach smart phones. Reaching the smart phone market needs a mixture of mobile optimised websites and native mobile apps. This data backs up the recently released Nielsen data that you need to be focusing on Apple iPhone and Google Android phones, the last data I saw suggested these two represented 70% of the active mobile Internet users, I am sure that now less than 6 months since that data was released the Apple Google combination is now even bigger.

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