Mobile at TruLondon & Win and iPad

Posted on February 7, 2011 by


In a few weeks it will be TruLondon 3. If you have not experienced a TRU then you need to get a ticket now! It is The Recruitment Unconference ran by @BillBoorman, an event where the audience intereact with experts to drive discussion and share experience. Now I enjoy the traditional conference both as a delegate and a speaker, but the Unconference offers the opportunity to learn about many peoples experience not just the speaker. There is no powerpoint and an element of creative chaos that drives a lot of conversation!

So what about mobile, is TruLondon 3 up to date? Is it covering the untethered access to on-line vacancies which is rapidly going to become the primary source for candidates to engage with employers and recruiters? Does the organiser Bill have his finger on the pulse, or has mobile been missed, or just given a 10 minutes slot to stop me complaining too loudly?

Of course Bill has ensured that Mobile is properly covered – he knows that over the next 24 months, the value to recruiters properly understanding mobile internet will significantly separate companies, and give many a competitive edge as the job seeker behaviour goes on the move.  To create mobile discussion Bill has signed the following up for TruLondon:

  • Gordon Lokenberg from Layer (and an author for MoRecNews) will be sharing what Layer are up to and how AR can change the mobile experience
  • Felix Wetzel, Marketing Director for Jobsite, where mobile is delivering more job seeker web traffic than Yahoo and Bing combined
  • And me, Dave Martin from MoRecNews and the mobile recruitment solutions provider and job search engine. will be demonstrating on a suite of smart phones and iPads how companies can engage on mobile to market their employer brand and attract quality candidates. So pop and see us to have a play with the latest mobile recruiting technology on the latest kit. will also be providing iPads for unconference delegates to mini blog about their learnings from the event, sharing the conversation on the web to a bigger audience. Each time a delegate writes a mini blog (less than 300 characters) they will be added to a virtual prize draw on day two of the unconference to win a iPad. So sharing more will give delegates a bigger chance to go home with an iPad.