Out with the old, in with the new

Posted on February 2, 2011 by


Android and Apple Logos

5 years ago the smart phone world was very different. A lot has changed in the mobile sector in a very short time.

Nokia, the inventor of the smartphone, Ericsson and Blackberry were out their as leaders in 2006. The old PDAs from Palm and Compaq / Microsoft had merged with the mobile. Then on the 9th January 2007 the first iPhone was released.  But it was not until July 2008 that the iPhone 3G was announced with a key ingredient – Apps. The first iPhone had no AppStore.

In less than 3 years the AppStore has gone mainstream with over 10 billion downloads. Blackberry and Nokia have struggled to compete and have watched their market share drop.  The game changed further on the 23rd September 2008 when Google released Android 1.0.

As a new player to mobile, like Apple, the Google OS has seen amazing growth. Today Android is a serious contender for the top slot in 12 months time.

Today we have many statistics that tell various stories but the common theme is Apple and Android are selling a lot. Nokia and Blackberry are still losing market share every day.

But the Old will not just roll over, Blackberry is fighting back with a tablet and investment in their app store. Nokia has won huge financial backing from the EU for Symbian and still have a high penetration of old handsets.

More recently Microsoft have spiced up the market hitting back with Windows Phone, a total re-invention of their previous smart phone.

The market space is entertaining for spectators, but for those of us to want to engage and interact with users of mobile apps we really must focus on Apple and Android.

The next 12 months will show if Blackberry and Windows Phone should be in our targets in 2012.

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