Social Media is Mobile Media

Posted on January 11, 2011 by


Everyday I see new tweets and blog posts about Social Recruiting. Yet the use of Social Media for employer branding and candidate engagement is still not mainstream, maybe second wave. The challenge for any company is harnessing the power of the web requires an appetite to stay up to date. Over the last 12 months Social Media has changed and employers are mostly behind the audience. Social has gone mobile!

Before sharing statistics lets just consider our own experience.

Q1. Do you own a smart phone? If not then consider someone you know that does!

Q2. Do you tweet from your smart phone? If yes, then do you use a Twitter app or do you browse to

Q3. Do you use Facebook from your smart phone? If so then are you using the Facebook app or their website?

Q4. Are you using FourSquare? Surely if you are you use an App?

Q5. Do your App alert you with push notification or pop ups?

Q6. Why do you use the Apps instead of the website? Is it easier? Is the experience just better?

Q7. Have you ever held a web brand in your hand before and touched it? Mobile web is more personal and Apps give a sense of ownership and connectivity.

I have no right answers, but Mobile web is always on, it is typically at arms reach and Apps make the experience cleaner. I am guessing that if you do use a smart phone you do use Apps to connect to social media.

After considering the above, the statistics may not be a shock? Twitter recently at the CES event confirmed that 40% of all tweets were from mobile! This number on its own is slightly meaningless, it is the same as 10million tweets a day are from a mobile phone! During the Interview at CES Twitter shared that the mobile activity was up on last years 20%. I keep shouting from the roof top that mobile web is growing fast and the recruitment industry needs to engage, here is the proof! Mobile web use of Twitter has doubled year on year!

Facebook have confirmed, and publish on their statistics webpage, that over 70% of their active users are using mobile. Globally this is 200 million Facebook users on mobile.  Google are on track to make $1 billion from mobile search advertising, which is a mix of browser search and in App advertising.

So to finish up, do you tweet and facebook for your employer brand? What is the relationship experience for the 40% of Twitter users on their mobile and the 70% of Facebook users on their mobile? Can talent touch your brand? Can they download your mobile recruit App and feel ownership and receive alerts? Why not!

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