Online recruiting normal, Mobile is on the way.

Posted on January 10, 2011 by


Mobile Recruiting

It is a new year, I am in a reflective mood.

The first jobs I applied for at the start of my career were not found on the Internet, instead in a trade magazine. The application process was via a letter in the post, not email or clicking apply on a job board.

The web as we know it today is so deeply interwoven into our lives. It feels like Google, Facebook and EBay have been around for ever. The last 10 years has seen a complete mainstream turn around in jobseeking and application process.

The Internet develops so fast 1 web year feels like 10 traditional years.

Why so fast?

It’s not all porn, it’s communication and information. These two areas are instinctively intriguing to human nature and society. The web feeds our this thirst for information and chatter with the impact of chaining recruiting for ever.

Obviously the impact of technology affecting recruiting has not stopped, in recent years social and community has increased transparency into companies. The tech is, as always, moving on and Mobile Internet has already coupled millions and millions of people closer to the web.

I read recently that over 60% of facebook and twitter traffic was from a mobile phone! The ability for companies and sites to easily offer mobile apps to improve the mobile experience has helped turn mobile web via smartphones to mainstream. So if I now use my phone to read email, twitter, news, shopping etc I will be looking for jobs on my phone too.

With only 2-3 years left before mobile web overtakes computer surfing in volume (according to Morgan Stanley, Meeker) we should expect continued recruitment impact.

What might this impact be? First up 2011 will see more mobile applications for corporate employer brand and talent acquisition. We will also see more career sites being mobile optimised. Due to continued take up of social on mobile, there needs to be mobile based call to actions.

Communication between employer and candidate will continue to speed up. Eventually the systems supporting the industry will embrace Facebook and Twitter. I expect we shall see a great deal of ATS / mobile integrations.

The high and rapidly growing adoption of individuals using mobile Internet illustrates the user is ready and able. In the UK research suggested 70% of TV viewers use mobile Internet on their sofa while watching TV. The Internet is finally in the mainstream mix of media with the flexibility of print – view anywhere (well almost).

Internet being always on and in your pocket not only changes the daily media mix but increases the duration and time frame of activity. Our research shows job seekers using mobile job apps peaking at 6:30am to 8:00am, over lunch and again at 8:00pm to 11:00pm. These peaks, apart from lunch, do not compete with desktop activity, these times are typical desktop lows.

2011 will be a very exciting year, as companies catch up with their audience / talent resulting in mass mobile Internet adoption.