Adidas Graduate App

Posted on December 8, 2010 by


Adidas picth their new graduate careers app as ,”All you need to know about graduate careers with Adidas group in the UK”. That is a great objective and well done to Adidas for delivering the app.

So what does it do? There are four main functions:

  • “See”, this section provides some inspirational copy about Adidas group.
  • “Join”, this section is pretty big, it includes job search and learning about each department in Adidas.
  • “Feel”, provides a number of creative images drawing on sport.
  • “Believe”, which is a single corporate video.

The entire app is a tad grey, and the text is very hard to read. The job search works but could really do with some polishing. The UI is slightly unusual and the job descriptions etc could be more detailed. We would like to see some location based service and perhaps some mapping too.

However the images used in “Feel” are wonderful and the video in “Believe” is good quality and informative.

This is a great start for Adidas in mobile recruiting. In a future release we would like to see some social network integration and more opportunity for engagement.

By our count that is two dedicate UK career apps. Where are the rest? Mobile Apps will not only support talent acquisition but significantly support employer branding.