Is Nokia to late?

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In September 2010 at Nokia World conference in London, Niklas Savander Exec VP, Nokia  declared  loudly, “Nokia is back”. The plans showed the E7, C7, C6 and the N8 as the future of smartphone. All the phones operate on Symbian, Nokia’s own OS.

“We’re not going to apologise for the fact that we are not Apple, Google, Samsung or somebody else. … When it comes to customers we know that one device will not satisfy all of them. … We aim to ship more than 50m of these new Symbian smart phones, which is a conservative  estimate…”

3 months on and Morgan Stanley have analysed Nokia’s position. Speaking with 150 phones shops across Europe it was found that Apple’s device was out selling the Nokia flagship model by a wide margin.

While this may be a blow for Nokia and Niklas Savander, Morgan Stanley felt the performance of N8 sales was better than expected. It is predicted that 2.5m N8 devices will ship this quarter and 9m in 2011. Thanks to Nokia’s wider line up this will give the manufacture 35% of the market share down only 2% from now. Apple sold 14.1m iPhones during this summer, which illustrates the margin is not small.

The customer feedback on the N8 was positive, but the Ovi Nokia App Store took some critism, specifically the lack of choice.

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