Mobile at Social Recruiting Conference

Posted on December 1, 2010 by


Yesterday MoRecNews attended the Social Recruiting Conference organised by Alan Whitford. During the day we learned how various companies are approaching direct recruiting and maximizing the social networks.  Unlike similar conferences last year, mobile was creeping into focus for the global recruiter.

First on stage was Matthew Jeffery from EA Games, this was an enlightening presentation. The approach to social networking was authentic and transparent. A fantastically high level of hires were attributed to social recruiting. It is worth highlighting that social and mobile are married together. With more than half of all Facebook and Twitter engagement taking place via smartphones. This suggest that EA Games and others are already mobile recruiting!

It was impressive that EA Games has recognised this deep relationship. To provide their friends, followers and candidates an opportunity to further connect with EA Games they are developing a mobile application to harness social mobile engagement and expose their career opportunities. The screen shots Matt shared with the audience were impressive and appeared to be cross platform – iPhone, iPad and Android.

Doliotte presented their social efforts and towards the end of their slot added they were reviewing their mobile approach. Similarlly Roche touched very briefly on mobile reviews.

Cisco focused on their graduate social talent acquisition and highlighted the importance of Facebook for this audience. They recognised that there audience was fully connected to the web all the time via their smartphone. They are planning a application with various features including QR code scanning which will add a new dynamic at the graduate recruitment fairs on campus across the world.

What was our take away? Not only did we learn a great deal about social recruiting techniques, the day confirmed that Mobile is the future! The common themes were surrounding relationships, staying connected, honesty and long term goals not just the short term win. Coupling this with Mobile is key for the future. Perhaps it should no longer be Social Recruiting – thats nearly 4/5 years old. I feel it will become SocMob Recruiting, or maybe just Mobile Recruiting.

Mobile Recruiting = Social Recruiting 3.0