Extend your brand reach 6am to 11pm

Posted on November 9, 2010 by


Mobile Recruiting

The traditional desktop Internet traffic patterns show well established daily traffic patterns. 8:30-9:30 is always a big peak with staff arriving at their desk in the morning. Lunch is a peak. Home time 16:30-18:00 is a peak. Has the convienence of always on Mobile Internet and always in our pocket changed this behavior?

YES. Mobile Internet delivers a peak early morning 6am to 8am and shows significant use all evening until 11pm! The individual user is changing their media consumption patterns with Mobile Internet borrowing from other media formats or providing the user media during “dead” time.

The morning peak will include many indivduals on their commute to work, but a great many will be in bed and at the breakfast table, not to mention users who previously had no connectivity at work eg Construction.

The evening peak is sofa traffic in front of the TV. Research shows that  over 60% of ITV viewers are browsing the web on mobile phones while watching TV (source WAN).  Where the Mobile Internet activity is in the lounge or dinning room it is typically via WiFi not the slower connectivity of 3G.

I believe this behavior combined with the rapid growth of mobile Internet is the result of consumer media choice. The audience has more power than ever before to choose when they consume digital media and what the content is. Clearly this is a concern to traditional media such as broadcast and print. But what does it mean to recruitment?

The statistics speak for themselves, attached is a graph illustrating how mobile traffic is spread throughout the day compared to traditional traffic on Jobsite.co.uk (thanks to Felix Wetzel for sharing the data).  Mobile engagement extends the length of the day your audience will be reaching you.

As we see Mobile Internet adoption increase – which is currently on target to overtake desktop Internet in 2014 – we will see the land grab battle for talent acquisition on the Mobile Internet. Already MoRecNews.com has heard various rumors of key global corporations preparing to launch their Mobile Recruiting platforms.