EU throws a fist full of euros at Symbian

Posted on November 3, 2010 by


Nokia operates the Symbian platform for its smartphones, such as the latest N8 which competes with the iPhone and the HTC devices. The Symbian platform has the largest market penetration but poor Mobile Internet activity. Nokia look to be loosing it.

This might all change, as €22m of tax payers money could go a long way! The controversial JTI program (Joint Tenchnology Initiatives) has pledged the funds to the Symbian Foundation. The cash will be used to research cloud computing and multiprocessing. The full plans are detailed here on the Symbian Foundation blog.

Symbian was acquired by Nokia in 2008 who created the Foundation and the code base is open source. Nokia are reported to have over 4,000 developers working on the code while the foundation itself has no developers. It is expected that the EU funding will result in the foundation taking a larger role in the development, probably giving Nokia a cost saving.

More details about the JTI can be found here.

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