Mobile Matters, Take a look at Jobsite.

Posted on October 21, 2010 by


It is fantastic to see that the UK recruitment industry is showing signs of being recative and delivering what consumers (or candidates) want! This is best illustrated by Jobsite who have launched their Windows Phone 7 application. Well done to Jobsite. Now what are the rest of you waiting for?

Only two days ago at a Recruitment Society event  Jobsite shared that they recieve double the volume of traffic via Mobile than Yahoo and Bing search engines combined! Only a few days ago I was in a discussion with a UK job board that stated very clearly they do not see mobile apps as a worth while project. Why? Answer: “We don’t believe anyone will look for a job on Mobile”. This is total rubbish, which Jobsite and many others have proven. Such thinking will loose companies their market position very quickly. With incredible rapid growth of mobile Internet and a 3rd major new mobile platform live, I really hope that such Luddite backwards thinking  is not widespread throughout todays recruitment industry. If current recruitment companies remain slow to react (and you have had plenty of warning) then the next 2 years will bring a significant mix up of the leader board in recruitment.

The forwarding thinking companies who are already acting on mobile strategies are going to take a bigger percentage of the new mobile recruitment landscape than they currently own in the fixed line Internet market. Todays recruitment industry depends on the web for over 90% of applications, clearly mass consumer adoption of mobile Internet is a very big deal. Currently 70% of all mobile internet traffic originates from an iPhone or an Android handset, Windows Phone 7 may well add to the numbers.

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