7 Days to HTC Desire HD

Posted on October 7, 2010 by


The next ripple in the Android space is available in the UK in 7 days. The HTC Desire HD is packed full of technology and ready to compete head to head with the iPhone 4.

The handset is available from the 14th October and can already be purchased on pre-order from Vodaphone. The key features that bring it level to the iPhone 4, include the processor, it is fast – 1 Ghz, the screen is (to borrow words from Jobs) beautiful – 4.3″ and HD. I like Android, but the actual hardware devices have always been under the benchmark, with iPhone being the benchmark. For me this new phone has levelled the playing field. The original HTC Desire did very well, it feels quality and operates quickly – but the screen let it down, that is now over.

Talking with local phone shop managers, the HTC Desire sold fast, the demand was high and many people had to wait 2-3 weeks to get their Desire. The overall sales stats for Android compared to iPhone illustrate fierce competition, the current trends suggest Android will result in a bigger market share than Apple. But this is no two-horse race – Windows Phone 7 and Nokia are not be underestimated, I’m not saying anything about Blackberry!

How does the upcoming release affect anyone planning their Mobile Recruiting strategy? First off, Apple and Android phone users surf the web and download more apps than any other mobile user. Data from Morgan Stanley suggests that the two combined represent more than 70% of all mobile Internet traffic. Android attracting more users is adding to this story – it does not look like it is converting existing iPhone users, instead it seems to be trading users with other platforms. This development strengthens your strategic approach to focus on these two platforms – their App markets are sources of talent searching for jobs and possibly your brand, don’t disappoint.