You will all be Mobile Recruiting in 2011

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This time last week I was setting up at the World’s first Video and Mobile in Recruitment conference. The event was well organised and enjoyed by all. I was very pleased to be invited as a speaker – is the Mobile Recruiting evangelist! At the start of my talk when I suggested (slightly arrogantly) that the entire audience will be Mobile Recruiting in 2011 I saw some heads shake and got the feeling that some of the audience thought I may have been eating magic mushrooms! But at the end of my presentation, when I repeated this message all I saw were heads nodding in agreement. You can read the presentation I delivered here.

The mobile message from all the experts was aligned – the candidate is using their mobile phones to search for jobs and there is more talent doing this every day. The statistics of growth were huge! Jobsite shared that they now see more traffic from mobile than Yahoo and Bing put together!  The growth rate of the mobile channel has grown for Jobsite dramatically after they launched their iPhone application – even the traffic to their mobile website increased due to the app being in iTunes AppStore. It was really pleasing to see that Jobsite are launching a mobile platform for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7.

The discussions that have followed the day were very encouraging that the message we at have been shouting out from the rooftops is now turning into action! In the last week we have spoken to 10%  of the audience; of which most of them are budgeting for their own mobile app before the end of the year.

There was the normal debate on why bother with an App, why not just have a mobile website. And of course how will the (almost mythical) HTML 5 change the picture. My conclusion from the discussion is that:

  • An App provides discoverablity, without which there will be no candidates so it is quite important!
  • The App also delivers a better and richer experience.
  • The stats for App usage suggested higher levels of interaction than a mobile web page.
  • Push notifications provides a mobile talent network with 1:1 communication, only possible with an App.
  • HTML 5 is still not a finished spec.
  • It does not improve most of the above.

My personal advice is to do both! Budget for Apps and a mobile website; the investment is low and affordable for every corporate out there! The return will pay for itself. When we talk about  a mobile website you need to ensure that you base its features / look and feel based on the users’ handset – a full HTML experience for LG Smartphone users and a text-based, almost WAP like, experience for a 3 year Nokia feature phone!

Perhaps the most important outcome for me is to ensure you plan your mobile platform in alignment with your business objectives, don’t just see the technology, instead realise the marketing channel.

My last word is about the future, the mobile space is moving rapidly. New phones are released monthly, ensure your plans and selected supplier does not result in costing you significantly down the line to stay up to date. For example many iPhone 3.0 apps had to be re-released for iPhone OS 4 due to various technology changes. And don’t fool yourself that the update is only to a small percent of the total market –  today, less than 6 months from the iPhone OS 4’s release, over 50% of all iPhones are running version 4! Make sure you work with a supplier that includes maintenance, and ideally feature updates too!

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