Ovi Store Downloads Hit 2.3 Million Per Day

Posted on October 4, 2010 by


Nokia have announced some impressive statistics for the Ovi store, which they announced on the Official Nokia Blog on October 1st. The Ovi store has only been live since May 2009 and according to Nokia:

  • 200,000 new users are signing up to Ovi daily.
  • Ovi Store downloads are now topping 2.3 million per day.
  • 70 developers have each passed 1 million or more downloads on Ovi Store.

The statistics really show that Nokia are picking up momentum, which is assisted by the vast global market that their devices get exposed to. Ovi is currently available in 190 countries around the world.

Tero Ojanpera, Nokia services’ executive vice president commented:

“At Nokia, we believe that connecting people with great mobile experiences is at the heart of what Ovi is all about. Today people discover Ovi through Maps, Music, Messaging, Ovi Store and Ovi Lifetools. With a new generation of amazing devices, like the Nokia N8, developers are looking at Ovi as a good business decision and a chance to innovate and create next-generation mobile experiences or our family of new Symbian devices.”

What many tech bloggers and industry insiders are still keen to highlight is the weaknesses surrounding Nokia’s product development. With strong competition from the iPhone and the vast amount of Android devices on the market, Nokia has yet to impress the smartphone market with a super device. Ben Parr wrote in an article for Mashable that:  ‘Nokia is hurting because of its lack of a killer smartphone”.

Perhaps this will all change as the N8 begins to penetrate the market; Nokia’s new flagship device began shipping last week.

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