Nokia N8 Finally Begins Shipping

Posted on September 30, 2010 by


“Is it nearly here yet? Is it nearly here yet? Is it nearly here yet?”

The Nokia N8 has finally begun to ship, according to reports on the official Nokia blog. The post states that “The first Nokia N8 devices have left the factories in Finland and China and are now making their way around the world.”

Users that have pre ordered the device will be the first to receive the N8, however Nokia has warned that the process may take a while, with the launch marking their biggest volume of pre orders to date: “the Nokia N8 is shipping in tens of different languages to dozens of operators around the world. That isn’t something that happens overnight […] Whilst the first lucky users will be unboxing their Nokia N8 before the weekend, others can expect to be receiving theirs over the coming days and weeks.”

The long anticipated N8 has been subjected to 2 official delays by the company, which has  frustrated users awaiting the device’s arrival. With the original arrival date of June being shelved due to software renewal issues, the device was then promised for the end of September. The first shipments of the device mean that Nokia will hit their second scheduled date,  just; however the majority of users will not be able to utilise the device until around mid October depending on the swiftness of the shipping process.

You can view pictorial proof of the shipping of the N8 devices by visiting the Nokia Blog.

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