#MVIR: The Morning’s Events in Tweets

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Today marks the first Mobile and Video in Recruitment Conference which is taking place in London.

Dave Martin, MD of MoRecNews and AllTheTopBananas will be speaking at the event later, and for those of you who aren’t in attendance, or want a recap of the morning’s events, MoRecNews are on hand to recap the hot topics, as tweeted by the attendees.

Don’t forget to follow the hashtag #MVIR for all of the latest information from the conference, as it happens.

Luke McKend, Head of Industry Careers, Google: Best Practices for Building your Brand on YouTube

  • @VONQUK: Luke from Google on video. The potential of video really lies with direct recruiters, but few actually use it #mvir

  • @SiteAdvisor: #MVIR – 20m downloads for Open Uni – it has been through “training and learning” that Video has been really taken on board and used.

  • @lesanto: “people can manage their online reputation with online video. BP used this technique” #MVIR
  • @SiteAdvisor: #MVIR  – How is video being used – PR and Reputation Management, Educate, Telling about products, Customer Service, Reach an audience +
  • @LeSanto: “YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world” Luke McKend #MVIR
  • @MoraySouter: #mvir 52,780 searches for ‘jobs’ on youtube every month.
  • @catherinmayo: The most potential with online video lies with direct recruiters – Luke mckend – google. #mvir
  • @kazwccsocialnet: I have to agree great idea in principle but how many people would be confident/tech enough to star in their own vid?#MVIR

Nick Price, Founder, Working Films: The Power of Film: Employer Branding at Work

  • @lesanto: Interesting stuff on the role of video to show what it is actually like to be in a particular job #MVIR
  • @lesanto: “using films showing life at work in a firm is a valuable part of a recruitment strategy” #MVIR
  • @MoraySouter: #mvir Think film, not video. Film tells a story. Keep the big picture in mind.
  • @lesanto: “word of mouth is a very good tool for communication and film is a very good tool for WOM” #MVIR
  • @SiteAdvisor: #MVIR  – It’s all about the story – and that for Nick is what it’s all about. Film can get us the to the heart of “why we do what we do”
  • @lesanto: From the floor “film is great, but access to instant Information online can burst the video’s bubble by showing the ugly truth” #MVIR

Kes Thygesen & Dimitar Stoyanov, Inovaz: Using Video As Part Of Your Recruitment Process

  • @lesanto: 2009 – best job in the world, Island caretaker job. Gets 34,629 applications via video. That’s a lot! #MVIR
  • @lesanto: “Large number of applicants requires increasing use of technology to screen candidates more efficiently.” #MVIR
  • @lesanto: Uses of video in recruiting: 1 Two way real time video interview #MVIR
  • @lesanto: Use of video in recruiting 2: One way time shift video interview – using pre-recorded questions #MVIR
  • @lesanto: Use of video in recruiting use 3: Video resumes #MVIR
  • @lesanto: “Skype can be very useful in recruitment. Great for interviewing candidates in a different country or region, much lower costs.” #MVIR
  • @lesanto: If you are creative, this video resume thing could play right into your hands. But, what if you are not? #MVIR
  • @lesanto: Myth 2: Objection: “Video interviewing can be discriminatory” – A “In the UK VI is legal, as long as it is not compulsory” #MVIR
  • @catherinmayo: Structured interviews have been proven to b twice as reliable than interviews where questions are based on the candidates answers. #mvir

Video Discussion Panel

  • @topbananas: Are candidates of all ages comfortable speaking into a camera? It seems to generate nerves #MVIR
  • @lesanto: “Video is really powerful, it’s a great tool for engaging with your candidates” according to Lucian Tarnowski of Brave New Talent #MVIR
  • @lesanto: “VI can help to ensure you do not get F2F with unsuitable candidates” Use it as an effective pre-interview screening process #MVIR
  • @lesanto: Job boards can embed video interview widgets so candidates can record video applications on the spot. #MVIR

Felix Wetzel, Group Marketing Director: Future of Mobile Recruitment Report

  • @lucianT: There have been 2bn mobile phones sold. The 1st billion took 14 years to sell, the 2nd billion took 12 months! #MVIR
  • @topbananas: #mvir latest stats (last month) 16m UK mobile devices connected to the web!
  • @SiteAdvisor: #MVIR – Jobsite mobile data 630% growth in traffic and 5% of total traffic – driven by iPhone users but growth in Android

You can view the Future of Mobile in Recruitment Whitepaper here.