#MVIR: The Afternoon in Tweets

Posted on September 28, 2010 by


It’s 5pm and the Mobile and Video in Recruitment conference is about to wind down, but before the attendees start tweeting about the booze and food portion of the evening, here’s a summary in tweets of the afternoon sessions.

Also a big thanks must be said to Glenn Le Santo (@lesanto) for doing a superb job of live tweeting the event all day, in spite of his stint in TwitterJail for information overload!

Trevor Shonfeld, CEO, Roundpoint: Making Mobile Work For Recruitment: Sales, Service & Savings

  • @lesanto:”iPhone’s share of UK mobile access down from 74% to 59% in the last 4 months as Android grows” TS #MVIR
  • @lesanto: “Mobile functions will become feature rich – way beyond the early days of apps (today) But they will be simple to use” TS #MVIR
  • @lesanto: The question of mobile bandwidth, or the lack of it and the cost of it, keeps arising at #MVIR
  • @stanimiroff: “In 3 years your mobile phone will be more powerful than your computer is today” #mvir

Dave Martin Director Allthetopbananas.com and MoRecNews: Mobile Apps

  • @SiteAdvisor: #MVIR Dave Martin now on, he has built over 30 Mobile apps including many UK leading job boards plus just won some great Corporate clients
  • @lesanto: “2003 launched hi-speed 3g on the UK mainland. By 2007 295m 3G subscribers worldwide” DM #MVIR
  • @lesanto: “people accessing internet via mobile in UK is up from 5.7m to 13.5m – in the last six months alone” #MVIR
  • @SiteAdvisor: #MVIR – Recruitment slow to adopt mobile – BUT jobs moving quickly – why? because they want to “own” the candidate – Recons next corps slow
  • @SiteAdvisor: #MVIR – BUT Corporates now seeing the benefit of mobile as a platform – BUT it is just a media channel says Dave – NOT a technology
  • @MoraySouter: #mvir The Apple app store is a marketing channel for your brand if you have an app in there. – Interesting point.
  • @SiteAdvisor: #MVIR – push notifications are big play – right job alert based on user searching patterns – neat
  • @MoraySouter: #mvir Links to Twitter and Facebook are key features that an app must have.
  • @garyr0binson: Mobile is NOT about the device. It’s what it enables you to do. Laptops/mobiles/netbooks give freedom to user #mvir

Andy Bamford, Managing Director, Thirty Three & Stuart Affleck, Head of Resourcing and Development, LV: Mobile Recruitment Case Study

  • @lesanto: Placing large billboard display ads about how great it is to work at LV outside of all LVs competitors was pretty cheeky wasn’t it? #MVIR
  • @lesanto: Majority of LVs recruitment advertising is now online, including using social media. There is very little press advertising now. #MVIR
  • @lesanto: LV made it possible for people to interact with their ad campaign via SMS messaging. #MVIR
  • @lesanto: LV’s cost per hire reduced from £2,000 to under £800 per head. Retention and attraction both significantly improved #MVIR
  • @lesanto: LV were having trouble getting applications through the door, now they attract over 25,000 application pa. Success. #MVIR
  • @SiteAdvisor: #MVIR good question did the campagin work or mobile – mobile got 50-80 applications a month – BUT part of the media mix.
  • @MoraySouter: #mvir Great question from the floor. The bottom line is they can’t quantify how much the mobile marketing helped.
  • @Moray Souter: #mvir Mobile HR vs Mobile Recruitment. Use mobile to keep your jobboard candidates informed and engaged over time.