Amazon to launch Android App Store?

Posted on September 28, 2010 by


Reports from technology blog TechCrunch have indicated that we may well be about to witness the dawn of yet another Android App Store; this time from Amazon.

According to TechCrunch sources there will be a $99 fee to join the Amazon developer program. For each app that goes on sale, Amazon will pay developers “a royalty equal to the greater of 70% of the purchase price or 20% of the List Price as of the purchase date.”

There is speculation that the ‘List Price’ model may have been established to prevent developers from undercutting the price of their apps with other services. Amazon would retain the right to pull any of the apps they wished, and have requested that any app updates take place on all app stores at the same time.

The article indicates that apps could potentially appear on, which could be a major sell for Amazon’s app store, due to the large amount of traffic the website pulls.

The news comes after Verizon’s decision to launch their own Android App Store just a few weeks ago. It is unclear whether the fragmentation of the Android Market will be a successful business model and whether developers are likely to utilise the services of app stores outside of Google’s jurisdiction.