Windows Phone 7 set for release on October 21st?

Posted on September 27, 2010 by


Windows Phone 7 Home Screen

Several reports on sites across the web have been speculating that Microsoft’s latest offering to the smartphone market may go on sale in Europe in just under a month’s time, on October 21st.

The release date speculation comes just a few weeks after Microsoft announced that Windows Phone 7 was ready to release to manufacturers.

Microsoft’s much hyped devices are set to cause a stir in the smartphone market as their arrival marks a new era for Windows mobile. The phones have fully integrated social features which will allow you to aggregate content from various social networks, and display it on live tiles that update in real-time on the home screen.

The Office Hub feature of Windows Phone 7 allows you to sync documents easily between your phone and computer, and comes with OneNote, Documents, Sharepoint, and an Outlook mail application to manage emails on the device.

Despite the feature-rich offering from Microsoft, the company have disappointed many with their decision not to support tethering, which enables the device to connect your laptop to the internet. Although the feature is still quite new to iPhone devices, Android have successfully integrated this into many of its devices. Microsoft’s decision to not include ‘copy and paste’ functions has also been criticised in the run up to the launch.