Tablet Rush is On – RIM leaks BlackPad

Posted on September 23, 2010 by


When Apple released the iPad there was great discussion around the device form factor. The talk generally went around whether anyone would want one? Why would anyone use one? Whats wrong with a netbook? Will the screen will be hard to read compared to the Kindle? How much?

Well one million sales a month since launch illustrates there is a market for a device that is always on, easy to use and nice looking! Within weeks of iPad we saw Android tablets on the way to give the consumer a choice that is not Apple. Well RIM (Blackberry) is believed to be joining this space with their own device.

There seems to be little official noise, with conflicting rumors all over the web. Reports suggest those close to RIM say the device will have a new version of Blackberry OS and that it will have a 7 inch touch screen but there is no mention of cost or release date. A few are getting excited at the thought that Blackberry will announce it next week!

The rumors include the fact RIM purchased the domain name and applied for a registered trademark of BlackPad.

I feel the BlackPad could do very well and take significant market share. The Apple iPad suffers when it comes to enterprise integration, security, IT policy etc. RIM are embedded into the enterprise – along with Microsoft. Many executives and field sales that may use a laptop today could probably swap for a tablet device. Most have already changed their behavior and email from a mobile instead of a laptop. At the moment Wall Street does not quite share my positive outlook with a 0.93% lift in the share price after the media promoted the leak. Let’s see what happens after the official announcement.