Android gains as others decline in new US Market Share data

Posted on September 17, 2010 by


Android and Apple Logos

New comScore data in the US has been released for the 3 month average  period ending in July 2010. The data gives an insight into the US smartphone market, documenting trends in market share and mobile usage.

The report suggested that 53.4 million people in the US owned smartphones during the 3 month period ending in July 2010; a figure that has seen an 11 percent increase from the corresponding period in April.

The comScore data also showed some interesting statistics for overall market share, as Android were the only platform to gain market share with a 5% increase in the period from April-July.

All other smartphone platforms decreased in market share; RIM by 1.8%, Apple by 1.3% and Microsoft by 2.2%.

The comScore data taken for the period April- July includes for the first time the period which saw the launch of the iPhone 4, which was released at the end of June. comScore’s next data release will give an even more accurate picture of the iPhone 4’s impact on the US smartphone market, having a full three months of data to analyse this impact, so we will look forward to seeing those in a few months time.

Smartphone users in the US are continuing to use downloaded apps, and the figures show an increase in this usage behaviour from 29.8% at the end of April to 31.4% at the end of July, up 1.6 percentage points in the 3 month periods analysed.

You can read comScore’s full report on their website.