HTC Announce Desire HD and Desire Z

Posted on September 16, 2010 by


HTC have announced the launch of 2 brand new smartphones, the Desire HD and the Desire Z, both of which will be available in October. At the HTC press event held in London on Wednesday, the company announced the launch of the smartphones alongside an update for Sense, the UI component for Android devices that gives an enhanced user experience to the smartphones.

Enhanced Sense Interface: Key Features

The enhanced Sense interface will work alongside which will allow users to control security and backup services online.

Stolen or lost phones can be remotely locked or the phone can be wiped entirely. There is also a locate feature which will trigger than handset to ring, and flag its location on an online map.

The interface will backup contacts, messages, call history and data to ensure that all of your phone’s content will be available online.

One of the most interesting features of the Sense update has to be the pre cached maps functionality. This means that you can have access to maps without an internet connection, and these city maps will be available to download for free. The phone’s digital compass will rotate the map to the direction that the phone is pointing.

Desire HD

The new Desire HD’s spec includes the following:

8 megapixel camera

4.3 inch SLCD screen framed by a solid aluminium body.

Both the Desire HD and the Desire Z will be running Froyo, Android’s newest version of the OS: 2.2. They also boast 20% extra battery life, ensuring they last a full day.

Desire Z

The Desire Z has a QWERTY keyboard, and the keyboard is hinged to allow easier access to the top row of the keyboard. It also features user assigned keys and shortcuts that will allow you to launch your favourite applications.

The device comes with a 5 megapixel camera and flash, with HD video capabilities.

The Desire Z will come loaded with HTC’s updated Sense UI, as well as the Desire HD.

For more details on the HTC event, Engadget provides excellent coverage of the event with video demos of the new phones and features.

Nokia: Guerilla Marketing shows they are feeling the threat…

Nokia and HTC both held press events in London on Wednesday, and the impromptu nature of HTC’s event suggests that this was purposely scheduled to coincide with Nokia’s event.

Nokia marketeers held up outside HTC’s event handing out red balloons advertising OVI maps, and according to The Telegraph were offering sleep masks to attendees of HTC’s press conference.

Instead of focusing on cheap shots at their competitors who are leagues ahead in the smartphone stakes, perhaps it should be time for Nokia to actually pull their out all the stops to really wow the market with substance… if they can manage it.