Windows Phone 7 Ready for Release

Posted on September 3, 2010 by


Windows Phone 7 Home Screen

Microsoft have announced that Windows Phone 7 is ready for release to manufacturers (RTM).

This stage indicates that the OS is almost ready for public use; all that is left is the final integration of the OS with the manufacturer’s hardware.

Terry Myerson, the Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone Engineering states: “Windows Phone 7 is the most thoroughly tested mobile platform Microsoft has ever released […] We’ve had thousand of independent software vendors and early adopters testing our software and giving us great feedback. We are ready.”

According to reports by Windows Phone 7 handsets will begin shipping to Europe in October and the US in November.

The upcoming launch of Windows Phone 7 is tipped to be a huge departure from previous Windows Mobile attempts. Microsoft are relying on Windows Phone 7 to launch them back into the competitive smartphone market. In August the company announced that the OS will have full Xbox live functionality, allowing users to experience the world of mobile gaming, invite, connect and play against friends and easily view Xbox live leader boards and much more.

In Apple’s keynote conference that took place on September 1st 2010, Jobs also announced that the upcoming 4.1 update to the iOS would include the addition of Games Centre- giving Apple users a very similar version of the Xbox Live functionality announced by Microsoft and ensuring that the mobile gaming space will continue to be competitive.