120 million iOS devices shipped since 2007

Posted on September 2, 2010 by


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs announced at the Apple conference yesterday some incredible figures that we should just take a second to absorb, because they are nothing short of impressive. Jobs stated that 120 million iOS devices have shipped since 2007, when the iPhone was first launched. iOS devices included in the figures are iPhones, iPod touches and iPads.

230,000 iOS devices are newly activated daily. This figure would undoubtedly be bigger if upgrades were taken into consideration.

Apple’s App Store has over 250,000 total apps, with 25,000 available on the iPad. There have been 6.5 billion total downloads of iOS apps and 200 apps are downloaded every second.

But now let’s get down to the new gadgetry…

Apple are to launch iOS4.1 release next week.

The update will bring plenty of bug fixes, such as the proximity sensor bugs, iPhone 3G performance-related bugs and bluetooth bugs.

There will also be a whole host of new features, one of which is the introduction of HDR photos. The High Dynamic Range photo feature will take 3 separate shots for each picture; 1 of regular exposure, 1 under exposure, and 1 over exposure and combine the three to produce a HDR photo. Other features include HD video upload to YouTube over Wifi, and a games centre.

Sneak Preview of Apple’s iOS4.2

The update, set to be released in November will include Multitasking, wireless printing and the addition of folders to the iPad. The update will also include ‘AirPlay’ which enables users to stream content from any iOS device to an AppleTV.

iPod Overhaul

There will be a new design for every iPod model. The new iPod Nano for example will include 24 hour battery life, a rotatable screen and multi touch, touchscreen capabilities to replace the click wheel.

Apple’s most popular iPod the iPod Touch, is the Number One portable game player in the World, outselling Nintendo and Sony. The new Touch will be thinner, have a retina display and 3-axis Gyro. It will also include a front-facing camera with FaceTime, enabling you to make calls between iPhone 4’s and the iPod touch. You will also be able to edit videos on the iPod touch with the iMovie app.

iTunes 10 Announced

iTunes 10 is available to download now. It includes Ping, Apple’s new social network for music. Ping seems to be the lovechild of Facebook and Twitter, for music; it will enable you to follow updates from your favourite artists, interact with other music lovers and keep up to date with the latest concert listings. It is also said to have very simple privacy settings- clearly intended as a jibe towards Facebook, who are oft criticised for the growing confusion surrounding the social network’s privacy controls. Ping is available to use on the iTunes desktop app and iOS apps.

Jobs stated that: “Ping is going to be really popular, very fast, because 160 million people can turn on as soon as they want, starting today.”

In a move that emulates Facebook’s decision to contend with the small but perfectly formed location based apps such as Foursquare and Gowalla, Apple, like Facebook, will have the advantage of marketing their new social network Ping to an existing audience that is 160 million strong. Potentially a guaranteed win.

And finally…

Apple TV- v.2

Reduced in price and size, AppleTV will now be available for $99. It gives users the ability to rent TV and film content and to stream content to AppleTV from other iOS devices with the use of AirPlay.

You can watch the keynote, in full, from Apple’s website.