BlackBerry App World: Reloaded

Posted on August 23, 2010 by


RIM have unveiled a new, updated version of the BlackBerry App World, the imaginatively titled, BlackBerry App World 2.0; which was made available to users on Friday.

The new App World has a few significant updates which includes new pricing structures for apps. Where previously paid for BlackBerry Apps would cost you a hefty  $2.99, the price points have been altered so developers can now charge $0.99 and $1.99 for their apps if they wish. This move puts the AppWorld more in line with the pricing structure of Apple’s AppStore and the Android Market.

BlackBerry’s App World aims to make it easier for a user to see a history of their app purchases by using User IDs. A user will enter their unique id before downloading apps from the store. This will make the process of switching to a new BlackBerry device much easier as the user will just need to enter their user id, and all of the apps they have preiously downloaded and purchased will be available to download and sync to the new device.

Other features of the new AppWorld includes barcode scanning compatibility; allowing users to go straight to the AppWorld by scanning a barcode for an app from a website, a service which has been available on Apple and Android for a while now.

BlackBerry customers can now also pay for apps using major credit cards, or by setting up an agreement with PayPal,which will give users the opportunity to pay for apps by just entering a password to complete the transaction.

There is one bit of bad news and that is for the BlackBerry App developers out there. Whereas previously RIM had a very agreeable 80/20 revenue share for the apps, it will now be reduced down to 70/30; mirroring both Apple and Android, who both use the 70/30 revenue split.