Mobile HR Vs. Mobile Recruitment by Keith Robinson

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There is currently a lot of “talk/noise” about mobile recruiting and in my humble opinion it will be huge, more of that later but for me it is not just about recruiting….mobile has the ability to aid many areas of HR. Why? I hear a cry, well here is my take;

  • Mobile is NOT a technology but a channel.
  • Mobile is about personal one 2 one ENGAGEMENT.
  • Mobile is about PUSH and PULL communications
  • Mobile is about REAL TIME communications
  • Mobile is engagement on the MOVE.

HR and Recruiting are about, or should be about:

  • Channels and community.
  • Personal Engagement.
  • KIT messaging.

So how can mobile be “embraced” by HR – some uses as I see it;

  • Internal Comms- make the intranet site an app.
  • Onboarding- KIT real-time with your prospective new employees.
  • Mobile Time sheets for contract staff.
  • Employer Branding- no not the “recruiting element” but engaging with employees- getting real-time feedback on the “pulse” of the business.
  • For Recruitment- mobile is the missing link between social media and recruitment but it is also a great database push communication tool.

Some Key Statistics

  • Mobile will overtake the desktop as the main way we access the internet.
  • It took 2 years to sell a million iPods; it took 90 days for the iPhone and 28 days for the iPad.
  • One third of all mobile traffic is from an iPhone.

A recent job seeker and mobile survey found;

  • 96% of Candidates with an iPhone use the mobile to access the internet every day.
  • 100% have downloaded apps.
  • 81% use the Appstore of equivalent as the main search for apps.
  • 4% of candidates download apps from website links and 4% based on word of mouth.

Mobile will be huge BUT don’t please get caught up with the hype, it is not some panacea that will solve your recruiting problems but it will become part of your media armoury… and finally it is NOT a technology BUT a channel.

This is a guest post from Keith Robinson. Keith is the co-founder of Site Advisor Ltd which has two websites in its portfolio along with 2 widely successful recruitment industry newsletters; Recruitment Media Monday and The Buzz.

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