Your Guide to Mobile Job Seekers

Posted on August 5, 2010 by


Mobile Recruiting

The Future of Mobile Recruitment Whitepaper which was co-hosted by Jobsite and was a great success with lots of insights for the recruitment industry. If you haven’t read it yet, make the time to include it in your mobile strategy research.

Based on the findings from the whitepaper into mobile behaviour, here is our guide to mobile job seekers:

– Job Seekers are Social

Consumers are ahead of the industry, their behaviour towards mobile changed around January 2008. Stats now suggest that more time is spent on social networking sites on mobile than desktop.

– Job Seekers are Savvy

Mobile has a big role to play in job hunting, especially in terms of privacy. Accessing a job site on a mobile handset allows people to circumvent firewalls and internet restrictions in their current workplace.

– Job Seekers aren’t Psychic

Consumers are certainly embracing mobile, and many are actively searching the app stores for applications that fit their needs. If you already have a job application or you want an app, but have no intention of marketing it, then you are going to seriously miss out on candidates

– Job Seekers are all different

Pretty simple concept, but one that can be easy to forget when implementing your mobile strategy. For the widest reach possible via mobile, you need to engage with your users and find out which smartphones they are using. You wouldn’t implement a social media strategy without finding out if your users are in those spaces, and the same is true for mobile.

– Job Seekers, like everyone, will judge a book by its cover

Customers or potential customers who arrive at websites not designed for mobile recruiting will suffer a poor user experience. Will this affect their mobile job seeking behaviour? Think about your own experiences: how long do you stay on a poorly formatted, garish site when sat at your computer? Sort out your website’s mobile presence now, before all of your competitors pip you to the post and leave you possessing the shabbiest book around.