Smartphones- A brief history

Posted on July 29, 2010 by


The stunning image that accompanies my blog post is Simon. And he, or rather it, was the first smartphone to be developed, back in 1992 by IBM.

It may not be much to look in terms of today’s whizzy, tiny yet powerful devices; but the potential of this phone has shaped our current market, and this all began 18 years ago!

Here’s a brief look at the main mobile manufacturers and when they made their debuts into the smartphone market:


  • Nokia launched their first smartphone market back in 1996;  the Nokia 9000.
  • Their dedicated app store the Ovi Store arrived in May 2009.


  • The first of the BlackBerry smartphones was released in 2002.
  • RIM launched their dedicated app space, BlackBerry App World in April 2009.


  • The first smartphone to be powered by Windows was the Orange SPV in 2002.
  • Windows Marketplace for Mobile launched on 6th October, 2009.


  • The original iPhone was available in the US on June 29th 2007, and in the UK, France and Germany in November 2007.
  • The iPhone 3G was available in 22 countries on July 11th 2008.
  • Apple’s App Store launched for the iPhone on July 10th 2008.


  • Android’s open platform OS was released on 21st October 2008.
  • The first Android phone available was the HTC Dream, also known as the T-mobile G1, which launched in the US on the 22nd October 2008, and in the UK on the 30th October 2008.
  • The Android Market launched on the 22nd October 2008.

[Source: Wikipedia]