First Impressions: Windows Phone 7 (part 2)

Posted on July 26, 2010 by


Windows Phone 7 Home Screen


Microsoft are boasting about the customisation features of Windows Phone 7. Live tiles (see First Impressions : Part 1) can be added, removed and moved around as the phone owner sees fit. Also, the colour scheme is customisable. This will affect Live Tiles, system applications and also any applications that tie in properly to the phone’s colour scheme.

Social Hubs and Office Hub

Thanks to the new Panoramas feature (again, see First Impressions : Part 1), Windows Phone 7 introduces the idea of a Social Hub. This replaces your typical ‘Contacts’ screen with a ‘People Hub’, which displays all you friends from a variety of sources on one Panorama. By pulling content from Facebook, your phone and Windows Live, it allows you to see what’s new with all you friends in one place, in one feed.

The Office Hub gives the user an overview of their documents, and allows you to sync them between your PC, the phone and the web. The hub integrates with Sharepoint and OneNote.

XBox Live

XBox 360 owners will enjoy the integration with XBox Live. This Hub will allow gamers to view their stats achievements, friends, avatars and gamer profiles.

In my last two blogs about Windows Phone 7, I’ve talked about all the new cool features I like, of which there are many. But it’s not all good news, there are some differences to the old Windows Mobile Operating Systems that some people might not be too keen on. I will talk about some of these in my next blog post.