All of HR needs to be mobile-friendly

Posted on July 19, 2010 by


Before I left for vacation, I wrote a diagram illustrating what parts of HR I think can benefit most from the mobile and social media. I know mobile is growing at the speed of light but I was a little surprised to come to the conclusion that ALL of HR can benefit and will eventually have to integrate the mobile!

Recruitment, selection and onboarding

With the mobile predicted to exceed the PC in accessing the internet by 2015, HR does not have an option but to provide internal and external talent with the ability to search and apply for jobs via the mobile. Onboarding is also another important piece of the recruitment process and mobile will explode the way companies introduce candidates to their first weeks on the job. Whether it is texting the time and place to meet, the schedule, information to take with you on your first day, company policies etc. the mobile will change onboarding.

Employer branding

There are many ways in which the mobile can be used to impact your employer brand. In Sweden for example, 50% of Facebook users access the site via their mobile. Many employers are posting and engaging with talent/employees/customers/partners throughout the social web. Have you viewed your links posted on Facebook or LinkedIn on a mobile device? 95% of them are unreadable because the site destination is not mobile optimized. If customers cannot read your information it negatively effects your employer brand.

Organizational design and development

Today the digital world is about listening, sharing, connecting and engaging. 99% of your employees have mobiles and they use them 24 hours a day! Employees constantly think about their role and development opportunities. The mobile can be used at any time to access the company’s organizational structure and what development opportunities are available to them.

Employee relations

If employee relations is about internal communications, employee participation in management decisions and more isn’t the mobile again a device employers must integrate? Employers can provide an open forum on the mobile where leaders can share developments and ask questions where employees can share their opinions and contribute to their company’s development.

The list goes on…..Calling all HR Directors, shouldn’t you be one of the first in your organization to integrate mobile!?!