Reaction to iPhone 4 case give away

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On Friday we live Tweeted the Apple press conference and provided a detailed report of the event.

Today it is time to observe the media reaction.

So here is a media round up:

BBC stayed quite impartial, but quite positive towards Apple.

Engagdet focused on the Q and A session with an overall negative tone. I particularly like Job’s response to the Bloomberg report that Apple had been warned internally of the issue , “that’s total Bull Shit”, strong words for a CEO on a global stage.

TechRepublic shows the results of their reader poll, where most people expected the free case.

Twitter is full of fan boys and Apple bashers!

From my media review (more detailed than above) it seems general news channels are in favour of Apple while tech media is less forgiving!

Could this be the turning point for Android? Possibly in the US, but not in Europe, at least not until the Droid X arrives!

We will have to wait until next quarter to see Apples sales figures to see the true impact!

Have you returned your iPhone 4?

Have you decided against iPhone 4 and gone with Android because of this?

Let us know!

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