Why HR & Marketing is connected forever

Posted on July 16, 2010 by


Conversations regarding ‘what is marketing’ is never a dull one. Each company and individual add a layer of individuality that means that marketing can be as varied as brand management or investor relations, depending on who you ask. So the connection between HR and marketing is nothing new – for some. But it is shocking for many companies out there.

And really, this should not be the case. If we agree that HR is responsible for many things, including…recruiting, employee relations, internal communications etc. One of HR’s clear responsibilities is to build the employer brand so the company can connect, engage and attract top talent. And marketing is all about sending out a clear message to all stakeholders, be they internal or external to the organization. So ‘marketing to employees and future talent’ is just one more target group for the marketing team to consider.

Add to the equation that many employees are also current or future customers, and the connection between marketing and HR becomes even more clear.

With social media as prevalent as it is today, the boundaries between communication functions become less and less defined. What an employee says of the company is no longer limited to impacting the employer brand, but will invariably affect many stakeholders. See the results of a Twitter conversation carried by an employee of Nestle http://www.socialmediatoday.com/sarahhartshorn1/145568/6-social-media-mistakes-your-company-should-avoid. One employer and one consumer disagree, and many other consumers may follow. No conscientious marketing executive can ignore this target group in the future.

Are your HR and marketing departments ready for a partnership?

Thank you Sara Wilkins for co-writing this post!