Android + 100,000 apps = 1b downloads

Posted on July 16, 2010 by


It was only 12 months ago I was explaining that iPhone and Android are the two platforms to target with any first phase Mobile Strategy. At the time I was given a set of common responses that can only be expected from an industry new to mobile web, mixed with the biggest shake up in mobile for nearly 10 years:

“Not everyone has iPhone or Android! We must accommodate BlackBerry and Nokia”

My response was, true, but your roi will be with iPhone and Android for some time. I would then trot out trends and data showing that crazy high proportions of mobile web traffic was (and is) iPhone.

Many people failed to acknowledge the stats. ‘All platforms supported poorly’ vs ‘key platforms done well’, and the former won over too many times. This is not good for business but it does tick a box for the corporation politician.

Ironically these will be the same companies that fail on multiple browser support for their web pages, they never test their website on Linux, Playstation or the Wii, but supporting a mobile device with no mobile web users makes sense!

Well the trends have projected almost right, iPhone is huge but Android is even bigger than expected!

The site andolib reports there is now 100,000 Android apps that have generated 1 billion downloads! Wow, Twitter has circa 80m users- the apps downloaded is the same as everyone on Twitter downloading more than 10 android apps each!

So- which mobile deserves focus?

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